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Academic Journal and Peer Review System

PDS Academic Journal and Peer Review System 

PDS -Journal is a Complete Package for any Academic Journal, School Club or Article Publisher. It comes with a Management System to help the chief Editor manage the Publications, Fees, Expenses, Articles, Reviewers, Volumes and present the information Nicely on an Included Website.

One of the most Unique Feature is the Peer Review system which allows the Chief Editor to assign articles to supporting editors or certain authors to review and give feed back on articles. It also contain a full collaboration system where authors can discuss, share knowledge, exchange documents, images, video content.


  • Beautiful and Responsive Website.
  • Full Website Administration with nice Dashboard.
  • Manage Editors and Authors.
  • Allow Authors to Submit and Follow up their paper Online
  • Allow Chief Editors to approve and assign papers to editors for reviewing.
  • Allow Editors to receive Papers, Review them and Give feed back to Authors.
  • Allow Different Authors to Collaborate on a Project / Paper.
  • Manage Volumes and Publications.
  • Manage Papers and Reviews .
  • Income Management and Types (All other Income sources).
  • Expense Management and Category.
  • Document Management.
  • Report and Graphs.

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